What Horreia do
What made Horreia everlasting and growing throughout these decades, the devotion of Fendi’s 1st & 2nd generations into constant love of product innovations offering the widest range among all competition Offering hard candy of all types and innovations, be it large, small, center filled, natural or economy all sort of recipes, plus toffee, range of different flavors of Wafers filled with chocolate, Vanilla creams etc. and develop it for the domestic and international markets, and Gofret items we develop it for the domestic market, chocolate coated peanuts, candy and more into the section of Dragee.

That all succeeded also into the export reaching from all surrounding companies in middle east & Africa, all the way to USA & Canada.
Latest News
25 September 2018

Food Africa expo 2018 - Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center -CICC - From 8-10 December 2018